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14 February 2009 @ 01:11 pm

comment to be added!
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14 February 2009 @ 12:10 pm
blogcrewsCollapse )
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14 February 2009 @ 12:02 pm
things that i'll forget; songs, books, pictures.
29 July 2008 @ 10:20 am

don't feel like you need to friend it if we've never been too close; if i love you and you love me back then go ahead! if you just really can't stand the sight of me again then no hard feelings; just go ahead and remove this journal (pureuda)! i understand how people think that i dislike them: i read each and every entry on my f-list it; it's just that i never know what to comment with. i'm sorry about that; i'm really trying to fix that. .____.; to new friends: sorry! it was mostly on a whim but talking to thu (themerrier) made me feel better about it, ha ha.

hopefully, see you guys there! ♥


A. Me and my sister have these totally epic conversations before bed.
B. It's not "Eunhae" 'cuz it's "Haeeun." Which is a girl's name. :DDD Hi, Thu, I love you. D:
C. For dear_whimsy if she wants it~ :D BE HAPPY BE HAPPY BE HAPPY :D :D :D
D. Howl's Moving Castle was not downloading; THEREFORE I NEED TO EXPRESS MY FEELINGS WITH CRACK FIC.
E. A remake of "U" would be freaking amazing but srsly, if SM decides to do another sub-group I WILL BITCH AND YELL AND SCREAM AND THREATEN TO LEAVE THE FANDOM and then realize, well, okay, if they can actually sing and be entertaining, whatever. :| :| :|
F. Hi, firefadesaway~! :D ♥
G. Er, I will get back to the meme and comments in approximately 12 hours! orz orz orz
H. LOL, I dislike this pairing. :'D :'D :'D

And so. I need to lay of the caffeine, srsly. :|

To our nonexistent karma
epic Donghae + Eunhyuk BFFery. idk. :|
In which Donghae needs a water bottle to kill a spider on the 12th floor, Eunhyuk has arachnophobia, and there is research on old, dead composers.
PG-13. 420 words. Epic fail, whut.

Donghae smiles his out-of-place smile and Hyukjae resists the urge to a) scream like a girl, b) start panicking, and c) fling himself in Sungmin and Kyuhyun's room.Collapse )

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03 July 2008 @ 12:34 pm

it's fic tiem!
and by that i mean:
picture fic tiem!

don't know an "picture fic" is? a picture fic is a fic told by letters and papers — the catch is that they are all made in an image program like adobe photoshop to tell a story from the perspectives of two people. idk, i was high off of pepsi when i wrote/photoshopped/thought of this, okay. :| EVERYTHING SEEMS LIKE A GOOD IDEA WHEN YOU ARE HIGH OFF OF PEPSI. :| :| :| this is what i do to keep my mind off of hong gildong god i fail. D:

not about the cola
movie!verse. pg-13.
— kibum/donghae friendship
— kyuhyun/donghae friendship

during kyuhyun's sophomore year, he and his classmates are forced into exchanging letters and notes with the graduating senior class of neul paran high school. he is (un)lucky enough to have gotten lee donghae, who will eventually change his view of the world, one ridiculously useless note at a time. based very loosely on the 2008 movie "doremifasolatido."

notes: crack, weirdness, lack of photoshop skills :|, kyuhyun's handwriting not being legible?, me being me. :| :| :|
disclaimer: totally not real! totally not mine! ♥

Installment One: In which Kyuhyun is depressed, Donghae is amused, and Kibum only has a cameo but feels like a love-note deliverer.

I've heard about you and your flamboyant dance moves.Collapse )

Next installment? LOL probably never Maybe Friday; more content and ~*funny*~ stuff? :| :| :|

the song donghae supposedly "composed" is from the doremifasolatido soundtrack; you can download it here! ♥ this version is the one by jeong joonil, which is the official version. jang geunseok's version is so much cuter, but he only sang in the movie. :'D

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01 July 2008 @ 08:54 pm

these are for perv and themerrier because you guys are bullies. :| ♥ i... totally don't write for any of these pairings except kihae. :| and these could totally pass for hong gildong fanfics except la la la i'm going to ignore that fact now. :|

if i
kibum/donghae, g, drama
(changhui, yinok)
306 words

was i a fool to have loved you?Collapse )

the truth is always stranger
heechul/han geng, pg, crack
(sugeun, merchant wang)
286 words

have you never… never felt the boom boom bang! of love before?Collapse )

two old men
kangin/leeteuk, g, crack
(noin, haemyung)
452 words

er, says kangin, and back he goes to drinking his soup.Collapse )

things we've never said
kyuhyun/sungmin, g, general
(yeon-sshi, gomi)
401 words

because we're going to change the world one dayCollapse )

gongja (공자) = "young master"
hwal bin dang (활빈당) = "the army that helps peasants" i think :|

jiayou (加油) = lit. add oil; Korean equivalent is fighting!


I'm not sure if there's ever been a So Nyeo Shi Dae friending meme going around because, truthfully, I haven't been a fan long enough to know! But a lot of friending memes have been going around and I was surprised that one hadn't been made for our girls~ ♥ And for those that have no idea what a friending meme is, just copy and paste the pretty little code in the textbox below and stalk the threads to see if there's anyone you'd like to friend and get to know better! ♥♥♥

Pimp it! ♥ Because I will be extremely sad if I have to cut myself off my own f-list and add me back again :'D

And the almighty code!

Have fun, bbs~! ♥

Music: 슈퍼주니어-M - 迷
22 June 2008 @ 10:09 pm


I went to Chinatown but where I really wanted to be was Queen Street. Or maybe it was Queens Street, but I'm pretty sure it's Queen Street? ER IDK. B-but it was really really pretty and s-so much better than Chinatown *______* I-I really wanted to go to Koreatown, too, but NO WEIRD PARENTS + THEIR CANADIAN FRIENDS >:| B-but all I really was thinking about was a) the food, b) how sdpfomfsdfsdf my f-page would be, and c) HOMG SJM FIC DDD: THE WHOLE CARTRIP WAS SJM FIC. SRSLY. So instead of rambling about how stupid I am to have sprained/pulled/twisted my neck and how I couldn't lift it up all day Saturday (NOW I CAN LOOK BACK AND SEE PEOPLE OH MY GOD DDD:!!!!) SO ANYWAYS HERE ARE MY RANDOM 10:21PM I NEED TO WAKE UP AT 7:00AM TOMORROW SCENARIOS FOR essyllus BECAUSE HAPPY BIRTHDAY :DDDDD

I-I am not kidding about Detroit, by the way :'DDDD

01. talking about the retarded GPS system
Han Geng: (who is driving IDK why :|) This GPS has a slow reaction time. Like Henry.
All: LOLOLOLOL!!!111one!
(five minutes of silence later)
Henry: ... Wait, what?!

02. trying to find the highway
Henry: Oh, gege, you just pass Queen Street and keep going straight. :|
Han Geng: (who is totally off-topic) You know Shiwon, I think you should just go back to Korea.
Shiwon: (angrily, sitting in the passenger seat) Well, you know what I think? I think we should just leave you in Chinatown. >:|
Han Geng: Well, you're more useless than Heechul! >:|
Shiwon: Whattttt. >:| You're such a loser, gege. That street vendor couldn't understand you at all!
Han Geng: (just passed Queen Street) WHAT. THAT WAS BECAUSE SHE WAS THAI D: D: D:!
Henry: Um, guys, you just passed Queen Street.
Shiwon: No, it's just because you are incapable of driving this vehicle.
Henry: (annoyed) Hey, gege, you just passed Queen Street. (is covered up by bickering) UM HEY YOU GUYS YOU JUST PASSED QUEEN STREETTTT. (is ignored by everyone) WHY DOES NO ONE LISTEN TO ME DDD:
Han Geng: Oh, that's okay, we can just go on King Street. :DDDD
Henry: (panicking) B-BUT THERE IS NO KING STREET DDDDD:!!!

03. bragging about dangerous cities?!
Henry: (blah blah blah being all tour guide) And there's a particularly shady neighborhood right over there.
Shiwon: Oh, Henry, have you ever been to Detroit?
Henry: (brightly) Yeah! When someone asks you for a dime, give them your whole wallet! :DDDDDD
Han Geng: Hey look, a sticker that says Don't mess with me because I'm from Detroit! on that car in front of us!
Henry: Y-yeah :'DDD
Han Geng: Oh yeah? Well, I'm from Beijing!
Shiwon: (butting in) Seoul! I'm from Seoul!
Henry: (to himself) I'm from here ._____.
Donghae: Mokpo! Mokpo!
Kyuhyun: What's dangerous about Mokpo, hyung? Do you slap people with dead fish?
Donghae: :OOOO!!!! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE DO!! :OOOOOOOO!!!!!!11111oneoneone!!!1
All: *headdesk*

04. they are raving mad :|
Donghae: (looking out the window) OH LOOK AN ELEPHANT *______*
Henry: I-I don't see an elephant. Do you, guys? (looking around)
Kyuhyun: (looking bored)
Zhou Mi: (looking out the other window)
Ryeowook: (looking like he's sleeping :|)
Han Geng: (looking for pedestrians)
Shiwon: Oh, don't worry about Donghae. He's just drunk.
Henry: B-but it's 12:30 in the afternoon! D:
Donghae: (drunkenly) HEY LET'S GO CLUBBING :DDDD
All: (suddenly energetic) LET'S GO~~ :DDDD
Henry: B-but I'm not 19 yet D:
Han Geng: The troubles of being out of China TT_____TT (brightens up) LET'S GO ANYWAYS :DDDD
Henry: DDDDDD:!!!

A-and, IDK, maybe more if I can think of any ;_________; ♥

Edit: Oh, and I think I am going to get contacts soon because my glasses thingy weird plastic thing rubbed against my nose and now it's all weird a-and yeah, only I have the skills to do that, I know. :|


Happy birthday, nichiyobii~

And I wrote Kyuyuuhae fic 'coz it's totally your fault. It is rushed and probably filled with errors and I don't even know what I was writing about but all I know is that there was ninja!Kihae and Eunshihae sdofinsodif stfu gaiz I totally wrote Donghae as a) an asshole and b) a French-speaking dude. And Yuu. I don't even know what I did with her. D: I totally understand if you hate this 'coz I hate this too ):

Also, I was distracted by the Taefany DDD: why so cuteee ♥♥♥

boys in glass houses.
(super junior + aoi yuu) 1440 wds. pg-13.
— kyuhyun/yuu.
— kyuhyun/donghae.

a. pureuda.
s. paris, in four. (there is hope, weariness, anger, and apathy.)
n. au. rpf, rps. confusing crap, writing that i hate, the fact that i don't know what i'm doing~ D:
d. cho kyuhyun, lee donghae — sm entertainment; aoi yuu — itou company.

and she goes.Collapse )

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04 September 2007 @ 12:36 am
the super junior pairing blogcrew!
taking slash, het D:, inanimate objects, narcissism, threesomes (and... beyond...), and genderbender.

claims are under the cut!Collapse )

《 푸르다 ⇔ 최시원 ¤ 이동해

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